Friday, February 2, 2007

Jawas rule

Real quickly, I have totally been kicking the cold's butt recently, and I owe it all to those little guys from Star Wars.

I had been wearing my rain poncho to keep out the wind, but I was disappointed in how little it helped. Then I pulled up the hood.

I look just like a Jawa, well if Jaws wore ponchos made of blue rubber and used wheelchairs. Of course they don't. No one in Star Wars uses a wheelchair. In fact, isn't Darth Vader the only disabled person in the Star Wars universe? And he is the bad guy? How convenient.

The thing about Jawas, though, is that they must have no peripheral vision. I mean I can't see Claren, which is bad enough, but I just cross streets on blind faith, emphasis on the blind.

But I am warm!

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