Thursday, February 1, 2007

Sign, sign everywhere a sign

I need a few signs. They would say basically the same thing "stay the hell away," but they need to be put a little better.

One would go on the back of my service dog. I have a patch, that asks people not to pet her, but it blends in with her work vest. And people either forget or choose to forget that they have been told to leave my dog alone. Or some say to
me, "I know I am not supposed to pet her but I can't help myself." Surprisingly, I help myself when I want to run over their feet with my wheelchair.

A woman with a guide dog got on the bus I was taking to work. Her dog ha a big sign that said "please don't pet or flirt with me." I liked that, but I don't have an obvious place to put it on my dog. She doesn't have a big harness like guide dogs, so I think I need something that really stands out. I am thinking of a three-inch bright red button but what to say?

I need a similar sign for the wheelchair stall in the big men's room I frequent at work. There are seven stalls; I can use one. So when someone else either is in there or has stopped up the toilet, well I am out of luck. No one else in my building uses a wheelchair. I even tried today to use the semi-accessible stall, which has bars, but my chair wouldn't fit. I know i should be more understanding about the bathroom, but come on, try having to go to the bathroom and not being able to.

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