Thursday, March 22, 2007

Calliope of crippledness*

A bunch of disability things happened today, well two or three anyway.

The chaps would not have helped this morning. I lost my balance when I was putting my shoes on and slid down the front of my wheelchair. This hurt, but in good news, maybe the odd marks on my back will make me more interesting to coroners. They'll think I was into ritualistic mutilation or something.

My driver today told me about his dogs: Satan, the pit bull that climbed trees, the Husky and the Chow-Rottweiler mix.

When I was riding up the elevator after lunch, a kind woman hit the open door button to give me time to get out. But she hit the close door button so the doors sloammed into my chair.

Good times.

* -- It could have been an "assload of ataxia," but I think the chaps post probably exceeded the ass quota, especially since mom reads this.


Anonymous said...

This is a follow up to your hilarity of yesterday. I have a perfect solution: a utilikilt ( A utilikilt is made of twill, khaki, or denim. You could spread it out on the chair, sit on it, fasten it around your waist. They have lots of pockets and loops for carrying things. i think you might be cold in the winter, but for the other three seasons, this is your ideal solution.

Matt said...

This would be perfect! Except it's a skirt. I don't care what your son says.

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