Thursday, March 29, 2007

Her love is better than titanium

My new titanium glasses frames, which were supposed to survive any fall, performed poorly in their first test last night. Claren, however, continues to excel at the important things.

I fell last night, trying to get from the floor to my wheelchair. I wound up planting my face squarely on one of Claren's rugs. I smashed my nose and let out a groan because my nose is sensitive lately because of allergies. My glasses bent so one earpiece falls on the outside of my ear.

The groan had hardly finished when I felt something on the back of my head and heard sniffing. I rolled over and there was Claren, just checking me out. She then laid down right next to me. There was nothing she could actually do, but that was one of the greatest services she has ever performed. I didn't mind that I was picking hair out of my mouth until I went to bed because I had landed on her rug.

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