Sunday, March 18, 2007

Prepare for glory! And wheelchairs?

I saw 300 yesterday, just Claren and I. It was awesome, except that King Leonidas sounds a little too much like Sean Connery. I kept expecting the Spartan leader to turn to one of the 300 and ask for a martini, "shaken, not stirred." But I totally want to be a Spartan when I grow up.

That presents a bit of a situation because Spartans don't seem the most understanding people when it comes to physical ailments. The movie said they killed babies that looked weak or infirm.

What would they do with me? I looked OK at birth, a little white hair but nothing bad. However, I grew to become infirm.

Probably, they'd just off me.

But maybe, just maybe they'd let me live and they would see the strength and vigor and zest that surges through even the most twisted of bodies. I could be responsible for growth in Spartan society; I could be the king!

Nah, they'd just off me.

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