Monday, March 5, 2007

What a ride!

I feel like I should call my paratransit provider and thank them for doing their job today. I got to work on time, and we even picked up another customer. Of course, I glanced at his destination and saw it was nowhere hear where I went, so he was probably calling to complain today.

I know it is selfish, but after last week I don't care too muh about my fellow passengers.

On Monday, my driver picked me up about 7:15 and we left about 7:20 to make another pickup. The other passenger lived about 5 minutes away and had an 8 a.m. pickup. So I sat in the van for 20 minutes before the other client came out.

On Wednesday, my driver picked me up and we left by 7:15 to get another client, this one had an 8:15 a.m. pickup and lived 10 minutes in the opposite direction from where I was going. My ride on Wednesday took almost 2 hours. For a trip that takes 30 minutes.

Friday's ride was just plain wrong. We drove past my destination to pick up another rider. Then we dropped him off before me even though we drove past the road to my destination again. Actually, we did not drive exactly past my work on the way to pick up the other client because the GPS sent the driver on a ridiculously out of the way route that included a rush-hour packed 66.

So it's like that song from "An Officer and a Gentleman": "Who knows what tomorrow brings?"

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