Friday, May 11, 2007

Economics, fitness and vibrating sex toys

Yes, vibrating sex toys. But don't you dare skip down and read about them. Just be patient; it'll be worth the wait.

I took an economics course in college, and I learned about opportunity costs.

I was thinking about this yesterday when I was at the Coke machine. I was late to work and decided to get a drink at the machine instead of making the three-minute trip down to the coffee shop.

A drink costs $1.25 at the machine and dI had no change, so I spent probably 5 minutes trying to feed two dollar bills into the machine so I could get a Sprite.

As I failed again and again and my dollar got spit back at me, I realized I should have gone to the coffee shop. It would have been faster.

That's when my economic book learning popped up. It occurred to me I had already spent so much time at the machine it didn't seem to make sense to go to the coffee shop. Darn economic theory.

Hey, where are those eyes going? I'm up here. Don't treat my blog post like a piece of meat.

I had another incident of falling between my wheelchair and the couch. I can't decide why I fell -- because either I was still asleep after my two-hour nap or because my left foot was on top of my right foot. Maybe both.

Word to the wise: You probably can't get your body weight off one foot no matter how hard you lift the other one.

To spice my exercise routine up, I really had to pee the entire time I was struggling to get in the chair. Now there is incentive. Like Joey from Friends.

Now, here it is: sex toys.

I was watching a commercial to see if it was appropriate to put on my company's website. A man gives a woman what looks like a jewelry box and she looks in and says yes. Then you see the product: a ring. I saw it was made by a condom company so I just assumed it was some fancy condom wrapper, and I asked my boss if he was OK with a condom ad on our site. He said yes so I asked out video people to process it. Then I got a little blurb about what the product was: a vibrating sex toy.

I asked my boss about a sex toy ad and he came over to watch it. I guess I felt less naive because he said he hadn't thought of that either. He did wonder why it didn't explain how to use it.

I love my boss, but I really did not need to hear that from him. Man, I am worried about my dreams tonight.

P.S. Mom, I am very sorry for any innuendo or offensive talk in here. I just needed to get this off my chest.


Anonymous said...

You are nothing if not ecletic.

Anonymous said...

make tha eclectic

Anonymous said...

So, did the ad run?


Anonymous said...

"get this off my chest" Is that what the kids are calling it?

Matt said...

It runs Monday.

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