Sunday, May 6, 2007

When did help become a four-letter word?

I went for a long walk today with Claren today on this bike path. Well, Claren walked; I rolled.

It was pretty quiet. I couldn't believe so few people were out enjoying the weather. I passed two people -- one girl who seemed to be gathering long blades of grass and one woman who was exercising and hardly acknowledged me when we passed even though I said hello.

The exerciser turned around before us so when Claren and I turned around, we were following her. I watched her exercising her arms by flailing them about, and I decided I could do that, with my left arm anyway. My right was steering. I did one-half hearted flail and realized it wasn't for me because Claren's leash would fly off.

Also because I drove off the path.

It wasn't a far drop, but it was steep, too steep to get right back on the pavement. I drove along in the grass for a bit and then tried to get on the pavement. Two wheels made it. Then things went downhill. Well, no, they didn't go downhill, just not uphill. The rear wheels just spun in the dirt, and the anti-tip wheels got stuck, too, keeping me from reversing.

I noticed then that the exerciser was coming back my way, so I was sure she'd stop and ask if I was OK. She didn't. She just walked on past a person in a wheelchair sitting stuck on the edge of the path.

I realize I could have asked for help, but I didn't because I was still traumatized by the blow-off yesterday when I asked for help.

I was making my first visit to my new comic book store, and I saw I would need help with the door, so I said to this woman who was leaving a store next to mine: "Excuse me, ma'am?"

She looked at me so I knew she heard me, but she just kept walking. I did finally get in. It is nowhere near as big as my old store and it was real hard to move around. There was, however, a gal dressed up as an Imperial officer from Star Wars, so it was OK.

But back to the drama on the bike path:

After hootchie mama walked past, I sat there for a moment thinking about what the heck I was going to do. I didn't want to call anyone for help because I wasn't sure where I was exactly.

Finally, I just eased out of my chair on to the ground. Claren found a nice spot in the shade and lay down.

Then I scooted around on my but till I was facing my chair. After a quick pull I realized I was screwed, but then I remembered I could disengage the wheels so they would turn more easily.

I did this and then pulled. I managed to get the back left wheel up on the path. I locked that wheel and pulled the right side and it came up on the path.

From there I knew I was going to make it. I turned on the chair and maneuvered it on to the path so it would not roll off when i tried to get in it. Then I scooted around till I was in front of the chair and I got back in. As I slumped in the chair, a couple walked by. They totally could have helped me if I had waited.

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