Friday, August 3, 2007

Let it bleed ... or not

I fell this morning. Unfortunately, I didn't get hurt.

That actually was what I thought when I was getting up from the fall.

It was really more of a slip than a fall. I was holding on to grab bars on either side of my toilet and stood up. But my feet started to slide. They slid all the way until they hit the wall behind the toilet. I never let go of the grab bars so I was OK.

When I was standing up, I felt liquid on my feet. "Please let it be blood," I thought; "please let it be blood." But it wasn't; my toilet was leaking.

Now I now what you are thinking. Something along the lines of "what kind of idiot wishes injury on himself instead of a little plumbing mishap?"

Yes, looking back that was a little silly, but come on. I repair cheap and easy. Fixing a leaky toilet costs money.

Well, usually.

I called my folks to ask my mom to call a plumber for me. When my dad heard the problem, he came out and tightened the toilet. Who knew you could do that?

So no more leak, and I didn't have to bleed.

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