Sunday, August 19, 2007

Family -- as sweet as S'mores

On Saturday night, I had my first S'mores. Yes, I am that big of a nerd.

It is, though, more proof that my parents neglected me when I was young. I am sure that if they had made me take swimming and piano lessons, I would have been relatively normal and not needed years and years of therapy. And I am sure I would have had S'mores, too.

I had the delicious mix of chocolate, graham crackers and toasted marshmallow with my parents and my younger sister and her family. Eventually, I will live with her family; we are planning a house with a separate apartment for me. "This is just a taste of what's to come," she said.

I told her today that those kind of things give me mixed feelings because it is so awesome but it reminds me what I will never have -- a family of my own to do make S'mores with. You did last night, she said.

She makes me want to cry. And on the bright side I may never change a diaper.


Anonymous said...

That Emily -- what a treasure. Also, I got piano lessons and swimming lessons from your parents and I still needed years of therapy.

Anonymous said...

umm me too on the lessons and the need for (though no actual experience of) therapy. And not ever changing a diaper is not a bad thing. And really, I think I had my first s'more as an adult as well, I'd rather eat the Hershey bars without the fuss of melting marshmallows and all that entails.

Matt said...

Yeah, the diaper thing was supposed to offset the bad stuff.

And I didn't mention how somebody practically demanded I blog about S'mores. I actually had S'mores Pop-tarts but was told that didn't count.

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