Monday, January 21, 2008

I guess I need gloves

Probably I should be looking at glove websites, not writing this.

Why? Well, let me tell you ...

I returned from my walk tonight and decided to get my mail. I forgot there was no mail today because of the MLK holiday. I had some because I had not gotten my mail Friday. But I almost didn't get it.

I pulled off my glove to get my keys, and my fingers were too numb to pull the keys out of my pocket. I could feel them, I thought, but not get them.

I actually entertained ideas of going to a neighbor and asking her to reach into my pocket and get my keys. And even though my keys were in my coat pocket and nowhere near anything questionable, the idea struck me as sexual harassment or at least just really weird.

Instead, I went to my door and tried to get my keys there, but now I could not even feel them. I then took my jacket off and shook it: no keys.

Now I was real confused, not to mention cold. I knew I had put them in that pocket. I decided to call Mom and Dad and ask them to come out with keys but tell them I was retracing my steps so might find them.

I got my coat back on, pulled put my cellphone and headed out of the entrance-way so reception would be better.

There, in front of the mailboxes were my keys.

A skirt, I mean kilt, wouldn't have helped this time, huh?


Anonymous said...

don't be so hostile. maybe what you need is one of those big retractable key rings like the nuns used to wear. it is cold enough to freeze the monkeys off a brass elbow, though.

Matt said...

If you think that's hostile, you should see write I write in the double-secret bitter blog.


Anonymous said...

do not send me the link.

Matt said...

Well, it wouldn't be double-secret then.

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