Wednesday, January 9, 2008

iBots and babes

The biggest disappointment today: I won't be getting an iBot.

Insurance is not down with iBots, I suspect. I told the wheelchair vendor who came to my condo for an in-home assessment that I wanted a chair that raised and lowered me. I did not mention an iBot specifically.

He told me about a chair that raises you five inches, but insurance deems that medically unnecessary so it won't pay for it. I guess then the iBot is out of the question. We instead concentrated on finding problems with my current chair to persuade my insurer to buy a new one not just repair this one. So the iBot will remain a dream.

Also remaining a dream: My hope to have my aqua therapy led by a lusty brunette in a dimly lit pool with sultry jazz wafting overhead.

Instead it was led by Greg, a nice guy whose first words to me were: "BC? Uh-oh." I was wearing my Boston College sweatshirt and he turns out to be a Villanova alumnus. We were cool after I said I didn't go to BC, and after getting over my original disappointment the session was good.

It is a small pool, mostly 4 feet deep, and really warm, 92 degrees. He got me in with a chair lift and I just stayed in that chair and did a few leg lifts, knee and ankle bends, and some simple trunk exercises. He said the hot water generally takes a lot out of people so he wanted to go easy on me today. His plans, though, include me standing in the pool and walking up and down submerged stairs.

The thing I am unsure of is the long-term benefit. I will go to therapy for a month, and it will help. But when the month is up, what then? I imagine I'll find out.

In the meantime I will go to bed. I am not really tired yet, well no more so than usual for a day without a nap and four hours of work from home. But I can dream of iBots and lusty brunettes.


Anonymous said...

you might want to check out this newly published book: oh, never mind; I couldn't bring myself to link to it.

Can we go back to I Am Legend for a minute?
First, I don't remember zombies in Syracuse, but that place had some bad mojo. It's the first place I ever flipped someone off.
Second, Callie had to spend the night at a friend's house after they went to see the movie because, in her words, "Renee and I can't go outside until it's light."
Third, the zombies are a result of a cure for cancer. Talk about good news, bad news.

Matt said...

Yes, it did start as a cure using the measles virus as a carrier.

But, why on earth let a little girl go to that movie? Isn't it R? And Claren and I went for a walk that night. Callie is a wuss.

And I don't think I have ever seriously flipped someone off.

Finally, what book?!

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