Saturday, January 19, 2008

Maybe I need a new remote

I cannot decide if the visions of Chuck Norris (the reason why Waldo is hiding) bouncing through my head are good or bad, but Walker, Texas Ranger is stuck in there.

Once again, my remote failed. I don't think it was batteries this time either.

I turned on the TV in the bedroom the box and sat on the floor to brush Claren while I watched Psych. Then House came on and I was trapped. It seemed an interesting one , and Riley from Buffy was the patient. I never actually was a huge Riley fan; mostly it was jealousy -- he played Buffy's post-Angel serious boyfriend. But now out of love of Buffy I had to watch.

I got into bed without checking the remote. It had worked Wednesday night. By Friday, it was dead apparently, and after recalling the struggle to turn the TV off last time, I just tried to ignore it and go to bed.

That worked ... until I woke up at 6 and Walker's friends were infiltrating an old-age home and you knew they were going to get caught and that Walker would have to save the day.

But I could not watch because I had to get up and feed Claren. So I have been imagining the fight since.

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