Friday, January 25, 2008

Putting a hurting on folklore

Doorways are very liminal. You know, a threshold between worlds and dimensions and such, a place full of the uncertain.

I learned this in my Scandinavian folklore class at college years ago. As I recall, newly married women and dead people did not pass through doorways in some cultures. The dead people got passed out a window. I forget about the brides.

The liminality of doorways was hammered home a few years ago when Phoebe, the third-cutest Halliwell sister, was transferred to another dimension when she passed through a doorway on Charmed.

Two quick asides: I just searched Television Without Pity to find the episode of Charmed, and apparently doorways were used like every other episode to effect change. And for all you curious minds, it goes Piper, Prue, Phoebe and Paige.

It seems, then, that doorways can be dangerous places. I know about that. I doubt there is any doorway I use regularly without a black smudge at wheelchair arm level and a scrape at footrest level.

With the doorway danger in mind, I decided to take decisive action, to show my bedroom doorway who's boss, to shock and awe that sucker.

Actually, I was hungry and still half-asleep after my nap tonight when I bashed into the doorway and ripped part of the frame several inches out of the doorway itself.

I'm not ready to go to another dimension or be attacked by dimension-travelers or whatever

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