Thursday, January 24, 2008

A toilet? In a bathroom?

Here is a little tip for all you aquatic therapy businesses: Put a toilet in the changing room.

I changed out of my suit after my session so I could have dinner at Mom and Dad's, mostly of course to see my niece and nephew. They have a mean "Old Dan Tucker" dance. Normally I just wear the wet suit home and change there.

I almost had to use the shower stall as I got out of a warm water, dried off and pulled on dry clothes. A shower but no toilet.

I survived bladder intact, I hope anyway. It was a good session, too. I was pretty tired from all the exercise.


Anonymous said...

you mean you didn't come just to see your loving little sister?????


Matt said...

Give me a break. I gave props to your kids.

Anonymous said...

How about us???

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