Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I can be an idiot if I want

I just got back from a quick walk with Claren. As is usual when there is little traffic, I stayed on the road for a short stretch. It is a lot smoother than the sidewalk, and there is a turn lane the entire stretch so I just stop on the side if a car comes.

I was halfway down the short stretch when this woman on the sidewalk with two wiener dogs starts calling to me. Claren was awful excited by the wiener dogs, so I didn't really want to stop but the woman kept talking.

Finally, I got close enough. "Are you stuck in the street," she asked. I told her no, it was just smoother. Then she added: "You know you're going against traffic?"

I bit back the answer I wanted to give: "No f----ing way!" and just said yeah. She said OK, sorry and went on her way.

I know she was trying to help but just because I am in a wheelchair does not make me a moron. If I want to disobey traffic rules and tempt death, I totally do not need some do-gooder coming along and making me feel guilty.

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