Sunday, April 6, 2008

Maybe I'm a shaker, definitely not a mover

We are packing me up. Soon, I will move back home so I can get my condo cleaned up and on the market. I want to sell it as fast as possible, so I have more money to contribute to the new home my sister and brother-in-law are building.

I packed the first several boxes all excited because I was moving forward, but yesterday, when we were packing up my Mego superheroes, my X-Men, some of my Star Wars stuff, I realized we're not going to be unpacking them for a while.

I did not say good-bye to everyone, so there is a very real possibility that Green Arrow or Batman or slave Leia might not remember me or be mad at me. But more than that, I am casting myself willingly into a kind of limbo for the next year or two.

Of course, this limbo has two devoted parents, including one who will care for Claren in the morning so I can sleep a little later. And it has three home-cooked meals a day and laundry done, and my sister and her family next door.

It won't be that bad, and it totally makes sense. So why am I so scared?


Anonymous said...

because it is change and as a Trott we fear that...but change is good and change brings about new things. It will be great.


Anonymous said...

Great?? It will be fabulous!

Matt said...

The new house will be great and fabulous. Living at home might get a little crowded.

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