Monday, April 14, 2008

She ain't heavy, she's my service dog

If last night is any indication, cute, furry animals will be the end of me.

I stayed up too late, first of all, watching Return of the Jedi. I'll be honest: I love the Ewoks. How can you not get chills when the spear and sling Ewoks smash logs into each side of a Chicken Walker's head?

In acknowledgement of my nights sweats, which have left me coated in sweat the past few weeks, I discarded my comforter and am sleeping in shorts and a T-shirt. Last night was cold, too cold for the T-shirt but no clothes were near enough for me to grab. But my fleece hoodie was right out in the open; Claren could get it!

I called her and told her to get it and pointed to my hoodie. She came out, looked where I was pointing, went over there and kept going, went all the way around my wheelchair, picked up a shoe and brought it to me. Claren then went and got the other shoe and brought it to me, tail wagging.

How could I not love her?

Of course I was still cold, so I flopped around on the bed till I could almost touch the hoodie and then Claren got it.

That was fine for about two hours. Then I woke up and had to go to the bathroom, having drank too much ginger ale while rooting on the Ewoks. I did take that opportunity to put some warm clothes on.

A stench woke me up a few hours later. Claren had eaten something that went right through her and onto the floor of my bedroom. I cleaned it up, then took Claren out to get anything else out. Then I figured I'd make her some rice for her morning meal in a few hours since I was up.

While waiting for the microwave, I decided to cancel my para-transit ride to work and just work from home today. I called the service and pushed "2," which is the number to cancel trips with the computer system. Unfortunately, it is also the speed dial for my folks and I guess I held it down too long because all of a sudden Dad answered. I just said:"You're not MetroAccess" and hung up. Only then did I realize it was Dad, so I called him back to tell him I was OK and I'd call later to explain.

Finally, I went to sleep on my love seat, but I had to open the patio door because the stink still bugged me.

Mom came later in the day to help me get the poop all out of the rug.

Claren seems fine tonight. Me? I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

You are a good dog partner and a fine person to boot.

Matt said...

Claren hates me now because I am still just feeding her light stuff.

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