Sunday, April 6, 2008

What an eyeful

I think I owe the Internet an apology.

I did a Google search this morning of eyeful, expecting to be inundated with sites of nekkid ladies. The first result seemed promising but turned out to be a news story about a mom breast-feeding in public.

I had to go to page seven of the search results to find a definite hit for nakedness. I assume the link "Yvette Gives An Eyeful" was to a questionable site. I didn't look. Really.

On the first six pages were results about celebrities, science images and photos in general. That is basically what Merriam-Webster would expect to find: It says that eyeful means a "a full or completely satisfying view." In my defense, "a strikingly beautiful woman" is definition number two. But apparently the Web is not just about babes. Who knew?

Unfortunately, when I say "I got an eyeful this morning," I don't mean I opened the door to Natalie Portman.

No, I mean Metamucil gushed into my eye.

I was having my morning toddy (definition No. 2, Metamucil is better warm, but no liquor), and during the drink I coughed. This threw me off-balance, and my arm jumped. The drink spilled and somehow went under my glasses and in my right eye. I don't think my eye, which has been savaged by allergies already, needed the fiber. It still stings.

I really wish Natalie had been at my door instead.


Anonymous said...

i got a rockstar energy drink in my eye while i was writing my paper the other night....haha that really hurt too. who knoew, taurine and HCl don't mix well with my retina.

Matt said...

What are taurine and HCI? Sound healthy.

Anonymous said...

i have no idea what taurine is which probably not a good thing considering how much of it enters my body. HCl is hydrochloric acid, which IS an ingredient in red bull--i read the label.

Matt said...


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