Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Scaring up some dates

I have to write about my riding lesson on my other blog, but apparently my heart is OK. I could not really understand what the doctor said – it was one of those automated phone lines -- but I heard words like "terrific" and "good." So unless he is a real sick son of a bitch, I think I am OK. Maybe, though, that is what SOB meant on my chart. "Play a sadistic SOB on the phone call."

I wonder if the cardiologist will give me a discount if I send him my co-workers; I fear I am scaring some of them.

A few days ago, I went to a morning meeting and a door was closed. But it is a light door so I just hit it with my chair. It banged open and I got a call from the meeting room: "Are you OK, Matt?"

Today I was leaving a meeting and I was paying attention to Claren and I ran into the wall. It made a resounding crash and half the people at the meeting were halfway out of their seats when I turned around to say I was OK.

I could have some cardio patients lined up; maybe instead of payment he'd get me a date with a nurse (it is a fine-looking office).


Anonymous said...

Jim's little cancer episode resulted in at least 6 of his friends going to the same gastro doc. in fact, the doc told us that when he told his wife about jim, she said she was going to ask her doctor for an endoscopy too. but no discount...

Matt said...

that is total crap.

I told my boss my brother-in-law had cancer, and my boss had a physical planned already. They were already doing a colonoscopy so he told them just to check from both ends. So he told me.

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