Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vengeance is mine, saith Matt

I was returning from the nightly walk with her majesty Claren when I saw a car with its hazard lights on ... in a handicapped parking spot.

The idea was mostly clear: I'll just be a second (a minute, 10 minutes), so just wait for me.

I sympathize with visitors to our complex. The visitor parking is in another ZIP code practically. But all the parking spots nearby were empty. This joker still felt it was easier to parking in the handicapped spot. Idiot. So I keyed his car.

At least I did in my dreams.


Anonymous said...

If you were coming home with Claren, didn't you have a little present you could have left him?

Anonymous said...

I like that idea, perhaps just under the car at the driver's side by the door. Or you coul dhave just sat there until they came out and then just looked at them. Either way, i actually believed you keyed the car for a millisecond. Wow

Matt said...

I was hoping someone would believe I did. And actually I had just tossed Claren's present.

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