Saturday, July 12, 2008

Dad, God and I are in trouble, 'Joan' is back

I need to get cable in the family room at Mom and Dad's ... for the sakes of both Dad and me.

It is usually not too bad in the summer because most shows are on break and all I really watch are shows that come on late, so Dad just goes to bed. But yesterday I discovered that Sci-Fi is running Joan of Arcadia reruns at 8 on Fridays.

Sci-Fi is showing the first season, when Joan was consistently good, not the second season when it became less special and started getting called "Joan the devil slayer" near the end. The first season was so good that I even was willing to overlook that a guy just out of high school could become fact checker and then reporter for the local newspaper. Journalism -- it's so easy anyone can do it! No training or editors required.

The pilot episode was last night.

I said for Dad's sake because he is more a Law & Order guy, with shows wrapped up in an hour. He doesn't like things that are serialized and he doesn't like shows that rely on unknowns and unsolved mysteries.

I said for my sake because this show, with God and a wheelchair user (the journalist), always makes me want to cry.

Here is what had me fighting tears last night (I got the transcript from here):

Thinking of her son, the wheelchair journalist, Helen, Joan's mom, asks a priest who is out in a parking lot collecting money - What is God thinking?
Priest - Excuse me?
Helen- What's He thinking? Um. What's He up too? You know, the parking lot version.
Priest - Well, it's not really something I'm prepared to answer.
Helen - Why not, you got the collar on. Says to the world you got some sorta handle on it.
Priest - What you're asking is complicated.
Helen - Well, give it a shot. Starting with why He lets people suffer? (The priest struggles to find the words) I'm putting you on the spot. Um, I'm sorry. I'll just be going. (Helen starts to walk away, then turns back and puts more money in the basket. She is nearly crying.) He's a father right? He's supposed to be a father. What father wouldn't fix his kids problems if He possible could? And He's master of the universe, so He's pretty capable. Is He out of ideas? Is He bored? What?
Priest - Maam, I can see youre in a spiritual crisis. (Helen laughs) and if you would like to make an appointment, you could come down to my parish, I would be more then happy to.
Helen - (cutting him off) No, no. I'm sorry, I'm pretty emotional right now. (She starts to walk away) Good luck with the homeless.
Priest - No, wait. Look, I'll pray for you.
Helen - Really! What will you say?
Priest - Help that emotional woman from the parking lot.
Helen - Ok. Sure. (She walks away)

Instead of crying, I opted for: "FUCK, yeah, Helen!"


Anonymous said...

oh, yeah, Dad would love that show! Now if only they'd bring back the one about Niagra Falls. You might like the piece in today's Post Magazine by Jonathan Safran Foer. Let me know.

Matt said...

I have Wonderfalls on DVD so I have that covered. It doesn't make me cry like Joan does. Let you know about the article.

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