Sunday, August 3, 2008

Christmas comes early for Mom

Mom has been badgering me for a while now: Why don't you go to the podiatrist to get your toenails cut? Your brother does.

I love my brother like, well, a brother, but he is only going to the podiatrist because his wife is making him.

My brother, who also has Friedreich's ataxia, also has health insurance. Don't get me wrong, I have something that pays some of my medical bills, too. It just isn't very reassuring to me.

It costs $40 just to go to a specialist, any doctor other than my primary care physician. That's $4 a toenail.

Mom bought that argument but said I should then let her cut my nails. Whatever, Mom.

She said I could really hurt myself, but I use clippers not scissors or a blade.

I finally gave in, though. I could not think of anywhere to cut them myself in my folks' house. I hope Mom is happy and is not expecting a Christmas present now.


Anonymous said...

"...because his wife is making him?" Um...that's not really accurate. I believe that I was the one who suggested the first appointment. I agree, though, that the second excuse holds some water. You ought to see if there's some way to go to a podiatrist that your insurance will pay for because it's nice to not have to do odd contortions and end up cutting your nail so short it bleeds. I used clippers too but that's happened before.

Your co-pay is $40? That's ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

what the previous responder said. And may I add that I really really don't want a gift from you this holiday season.
love you

Matt said...

OK, it just seemed like a Sheri thing.

And too late! For Christmas, everybody must cut toes. That is what Bob Dylan says, right?

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