Monday, August 11, 2008

My bowling shirt

My little sister was mad at me for not writing more about my bowling evening. Here is something: Everyone liked my T-shirt.

Lucky Strike Lanes has some weird attire rules, including one banning motorcycle club colors. But I threw caution to the wind and wore the T-shirt my brother and sister-in-law gave me for my birthday. Unlike the disputed podiatry exam, the T-shirt was my sister-in-law's idea. That's what she said.

It is from a company called Apparelyzed, and it shows a picture of a handicapped parking permit. It says "I'm only in it for the parking."

The website has a bunch of other good shirts: "I'm disabled, not deaf," "If you can ssee my butt, please put me back in my chair" or "Hop on, Baby."

I also like "Keep staring, I might do a trick" but that one is really close to being bitter bitter.


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty interesting site (though they could use a copy editor since they say "should of" instead of "should have"). I like the davinci messenger bag. plus, you have to admire a page that describes itself at the web's premiere spinal cord injury humor site.
ps see you Saturday.

Matt said...

It is pretty good, but SCI people think they are so cool: "God's gift to cripples." (I am kidding, of course; I just wrote that to see if SNDT reads the comments and make her laugh or want to hurt me.)

Anonymous said...

glad you liked the shirt. Although we were very tempted to get some of the more provocative ones. Maybe you will be wearing one of them someday when we come over to the new place. Sort of break out and go wild :-) Do they sell matching shirts for canine companions? Claren's could say "I'm in it for the never-ending affection that I get from the lazy guy in the wheelchair. You should try him" :-)

Matt said...

What do you mean "break out and go wild." I am a freaking madman, don'tcha know? And I like the idea about Claren.

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