Friday, August 8, 2008

She must have been really good

A friend of mine says that if you are good, in the next life you come back as a dog. If you are really good, you come back as a service dog.

Claren, like most service dogs, leads a beautiful life. She gets to go almost every where with her good pal and alpha dog, me. She spends a lot of time napping or playing or eating. And she is so adorable, people chase us down the street just to meet her.

Mom and I were walking around the block, and coming down Highland Avenue we passed a house where a whole family was out in the yard. We kept walking and while we were crossing Pine Street this woman came up behind us holding a little girl about 3. Can we meet your dog, she asked.

Claren was not wearing her service dog vest so I said OK, and the woman put down her daughter and went to say hi in the middle of Pine Street. I kept moving till we were near a corner and had Claren sit and then the mom and daughter just pet her and said how pretty she is.

I assumed Mom knew the woman, but then Mom said, do you live around here. The woman said yeah and that they were the family out in the yard and the girl saw Claren pass and wanted to meet her.


Anonymous said...

you have a celebu-dog!
see you in a week

Matt said...

She is! Put that stupid rat of Paris Hilton's to shame.

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