Saturday, September 13, 2008


I have meaning to write this since Thursday, but have not really had time. Thursday I was lazy and last night I sat around listening to the Shrek album with my niece (she also likes the "Hong Kong Phooey" theme) until 9 and did not have the energy. Granted there were other people around, but she really likes "Bad Reputation."

Anyway ...

On Thursday, we went to see the architect again and he has done what will be a beautiful house, but I left feeling sad for, I think, three reasons.

I had originally envisioned a suite with a bathroom, bedroom and sitting room. I know I will spend a lot of time in the main house, but for those days were I need privacy or my sister's family wants to be alone, the sitting room idea seemed pretty key. Even a bedroom big enough to hide my bed and maybe have a fridge and sink would be fine. That way, if I invite a friend over, it would not have to be like: "Let''s go hang out in my bedroom." I am afraid that could lead to some uncomfortable situations.

The plan didn't have it and while he will add some space in, I hope it is enough. I know it will be, but when I saw the plan I guess I spent most of the time figuring out if I could survive without a sitting room or private area. And then how it would be.

The architect mentioned a hang-up he has about dead ends. He apparently doesn't like people going back the way they came so most rooms have two entries. It is a pretty awesome design.

But I only have one way to get in and out of the house. For me every way but one is a dead end. I didn't expect anything different and am fine with it. The problem at Mom and Dad's is there is only one way around the house to reach the exit for me because of a landing. I think it was just hearing about his dead end issue and realizing my dead ends.

The final problem is that as Charlie laid out all the other floors, I thought, "Damn, that is great. I want to see that." And I know I that I can hoist myself up the stairs at least once. But it's not the same.

My only real problem is being addressed so no longer feel sad. We'll see what he comes up with and if it isn't right, I'll tell him and he'll fix it.

I guess I should be like Hong Kong Phooey: "When the going gets tough, he's super-tough with a Hong Kong Phooey chop! Huh!"

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