Monday, October 6, 2008

Boy barking

The second we get home from work, Claren rushes to grab her ball. When she drops the ball, the barking starts. She is reminding me that the ball is on the ground, that she is waiting for me to throw it and that I should hurryhurryhhurry.

If I really try, I can keep her from barking, but I enjoy it and she deserves. She is quiet all day and must have so much steam to blow off.

How I envy her.

I didn't have the energy to go to a farewell party for one the top dotcom folks at work. It didn't help that some people were thinking of going out afterward to a bar up some stairs. Plus, if I don't let Claren run around in the late afternoon, I risk death taking her out at night. It is so dark around here and the sidewalks stink.

I have gotten no new hits on the condo, and I work in business news. The news gets worse every day. I look at the stories and just want to cry. It may have been exciting for a while; now it just makes me weary.

It is just so hard, and that isn't a shock. I just wish it could get easier, or even not harder. Maybe I need to take up barking.


Anonymous said...

I like the image of you barking. As for working in Biz, it's very depressing some days but on the other hand it is good that people are finally seeing how important this stuff is and how bad it's been for awhile. It will turn around Matt and you are young enough to wait it out. You must be young enough because I keep telling myself that I am.

Matt said...

I know the business world will get better. I am not sure my life will. How pathetic is it that I trust investment bankers more than I trust myself?

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