Friday, November 7, 2008


I decided this morning to be safe so I got my slippers on before I got in my chair this morning. I actually tried to put them on before I got out of bed, but I fell and Dad put them on my feet when I was on the floor.

I somehow survived falling into the 10-inch gap between my bed and the cast iron radiator next to it. Except, of course, I was kind of wedged in there pretty good.

I got Dad to help and quickly followed the "Hey Dad" with an "I'm OK" so he wouldn't freak when he saw his son upside down and bent in half.

He didn't, at least outwardly.

I can't say as much for me.

My little sister dropped off her kids just after the fall. "You look shell-shocked," she said.

I was. I had used up all my adrenaline less than a minute after getting up.

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