Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Take that!

I just completed Day 2 of my week off. I could really get used to staying up late, sleeping, playing with Claren and goofing off.

Of courses, hassles intrude. The loose arm on my wheelchair finally got replaced today. Now it is sturdy. Yes, sir, so sturdy, in fact that it does not really move unless you put some muscle into it.

The real problem, the one that makes me feel like barfing, is that I just signed up for health insurance next year. They dropped my old plan, and the only one that still had my doctor available was a stupid health fund account program. It seems so stupid to sign up for insurance that is essentially a gamble that I won't get sick. Hello, I already am sick, way freaking sick. But I had no effing option. A less-kind person might wish adult-onset ataxia on every single executive in the health insurance business. I just hope they break their FUCKING legs.

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