Thursday, November 20, 2008

They shall be carried

I went to work about 4 today, a day off, so I could get a ride to a friend's goodbye party at 5:30. I was a little worried that if I just went from home at 5:30, i might bail on the whole thing because it would be dark out and because I am a big wuss.
e and got in. The first odd thing was the guy who drove me decided between the time he let me out and the time I got in to not come in himself.

The bar had a nice automatic door to get in but the gathering was up several steps. A guy I knew came in while I was thinking about what to do. He found the party and brought back some other guys to carry my chair up the steps.

I am conflicted, as always, about being carried. For the most part, it is freakin' awesome. But there is that nagging part of me that whines: "But you can't leave if you want easily; you are dependent; haha, you suck." My inner nag is a mean bastard, huh?

Actually, I could have used the easy way out.

Claren was acting real clingy and fawning. I was pretty sure she had to be excused, but we were kind of stuck. She held it like a trooper but did take the first opportunity when we left the bar to make her colon gladder.

It was, of course, wonderful to see my friend off, wonderful and sad to hear someone say they'll miss you, and even pretty cool to be carried.

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