Thursday, November 13, 2008

Where were all my helpers?

Almost every day at lunch I pull out my A&W Root Beer and am scared it spilled. You see the can is decorated to look like a mug overflowing with root-beer-y goodness.

Today, though, I did not need to imagine it. I spilled my drink.

It was sitting on my desk to the left and I just knocked it over. I have a brace on the left side of the chair to hold me straight. It does that, but it also keeps me from leaning over to the left.

I'll tell you, nothing quite as helpless as watching a can slowly pour out but you can't reach it.

I did eventually right the can, but most of the root beer was now on my desk.

Then I had to clean my desk off sticky root beer. I know I have said I can clean my desk, and I did, but it really sucks.

I got root beer all over me, I got stuck with my wheelchair controller pushing into the desk. But I did get it all cleaned up and hopefully not too sticky.

I know I am totally stupid. I whine when people help me and when they don't.

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