Saturday, December 6, 2008

And another thing ...

Besides not having room to accommodate my dog, a twin bed has other liabilities.

I cannot easily take my shirt off in bed. For instance, if I were getting busy with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and tried to pull off my shirt, I might just tumble right out of bed and if it did not kill me, it would probably kill the mood.

In reality, I was just trying to pull off my long-sleeve shirt so I could snuggle deeply under the covers for a long winter's nap. And I fell into the wall, not off the bed. I don't like to brag but I am pretty good at aiming my falls. That's something, right?

And it was a long winter's nap. I slept till noon. I had wanted to go to a memorial service for a co-worker at 11, but the idea of getting up at 8:30, showering, dressing up was pretty overwhelming. The final straw was when I realized the service was in an auditorium with stadium seating and the only place for me, or any wheelchair user, is behind the first section. That would mean that unless there were enough people to fill the first section, I would be alone. Or someone would feel obligated to sit back with me. Or someone would try to bounce me down the steps into the first section. None of those ideas sounded good, so I slept in.

I hate giving in to my Friedreich's ataxia like that. I would have gone if not for the chair and crap, and I don't like to let them stop me. Not that I knew the guy well at all. But death bothers me, and so I wanted to go to show support, but I think it was a good call to sleep in.

I dreamed of the new house last night. It will be awesome, if my dream house is any indication. The only problems were that I did not have my shelves for toys and that the sinks were too high, I could roll under them fine, but they came up to my chest. Well, one of them did ... the first time. But when I tried to point it out to the architects, who were actually IT people form work, the sink was the right height.

And I really hope that the bidet in the real house is not blue, made of wood and about a foot in diameter.


Anonymous said...

No it is pink with a furry shag lime green cover.
It will be the best dream house ever.

Anonymous said...

That's a very disturbing image. I hope that I don't have dreams tonight.


Matt said...

I realized what it was or at least what it looked like: the sink that dentists used to have to spit into. Granted those weren't blue and made of wood ...

Anonymous said...

oh my lord that's even more disturbing -- a dental chair-side bidet. We are all looking forward to the final manifestation of Matt's Dream House.

Matt said...

It might not have been the bidet. I was showing one of the architects that it was a poor sink and she kind of ahmm'd and moved to the real sink. So maybe it was a dental rinse sink and the bidet was elsewhere.

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