Monday, December 15, 2008

lf I had a set of wings, man, I knew she could fly

Now I am not in the habit of referring to either of my chairs as a she. Not unless "goddammn piece of crap" is feminine. But today at lunch it was so windy, we were ready to take off, so the title seemed appropriate.

I had to bring my manual chair today because the van's muffler needed fixing. Personally, I liked the throaty growl that escaped from the Dodge Grand Caravan, but no one asked me.

I realized what I hate about the manual chair is not that I can't move cars or break elevators or the exercise. It is the slooowwwwwwwwwnessssssss.

I feel like it takes a year just to go downstairs at work.

Despite the slowness, it was worth it to use the manual today and feel the wind blow me along.

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