Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stranger in the same land

Surveyors are in the field working, the first step in the transfer of the fields to a builder. I guess signing the contract was really the first step, and Mom did that last week.

I am surprised at how rotten it made me feel. Not just because when I tried to play with Claren in an alternate spot, she rolled in poop.

I had tried to play in the ten we have for Claren and it was OK, but Claren just lay there chewing on her ball. We went to the side yard by the garden, and Claren found a tiny bit of poop that was big enough to smush all over her cheek.

We could have played in the field, I know, and I could have just thrown the ball into the garden, but I figured Claren would not really understand that and would want to run in the field. Maybe it would bother the surveyors. I don't know.

It would have felt like I was trespassing.


Anonymous said...

It made me feel like poop too. Keep your eyes on the prize my brother.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be hard to get used to, harder for you all who live right there. I told my children, who were sad about it, that it's like having your esophagus removed -- nobody really wants it to happen, but it's necessary, and it's pretty amazing how little you miss it. I love you all and can't wait for the ground breaking on the new house. I want to be there -- Jim has a gold shovel (from a power plant ground-breaking) for you to take the first shovelful with. There should be champagne and prayers and fireworks and homage to Gram who makes this possible.

Matt said...

Or I could just have until they left and played, which is what I did.

It was just rotten.

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