Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wheeling on empty, part 1

I have tried several times to write something, but I have failed.

It is not writer's block, I have plenty of topics: the joys of having a high maintanence service dog, the annoyance of having to call before going anywhere to make sure that anywhere is wheelchair-accessible, or how I have never played I never.

It is just that my energy is totally drained by these days. It is all I can do to sit in front of the TV watching bad movies. Tonight it is Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. I can't remember what I watched last night. How pathetic is that? It does work out well that the Cox guy came out and ran a cable to my TV so I have tons of channels. Well more than the four networks, which is what I had until Wednesday. Oh, it was Men in Black last night, Mom helped me remember.

Mom says there is bad karma floating around our family, with worries about my sister-in-law and brother, a nephew, seasonal illnesses and other stuff.

I am not sure karma is the right word, but there is something.


kibuki said...

It's not just you Matt. We humans never did figure it out - we should be hibernating right about now. Just give me a couple boxes of good books, a nice comfortable couch and a few cases of pop tarts and I'll be set 'till spring.

Matt said...

I am with you, but pop-tarts can't be healthy enough for you.

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