Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am responsible for me (yeah, right)

I wish people remembered that just because I use a wheelchair, I am not stupid.

No, that's not fair. Not stupid, simple maybe. Just not able to understand life and its many risks as well as they do.

Lots of people do this. People I love, people I don't know, and everyone in between.

I like to think I understand the risks of life as well as other people. I can even sort of explain credit default swaps and how they have hurt the economy (although I cannot suggest how to solve the economic problems). But some people still think I need to be protected. From myself.


Anonymous said...

You are also responsible for teaching my daughter the real way to play hopscotch!

Matt said...

I showed her how to throw a rock. And she totally doesn't even do it right. Well, she throws fine, but then she bends down to pick it up and puts both feet down.

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