Sunday, March 1, 2009

I want to do whatever a spider can

After some heavy thinking, I have decided that I need to be bitten by a radioactive spider like Spider-Man.

A lot of other super-powers would just be no help at all for someone with Friedreich's ataxia.

Superman's strength and flying? I could probably handle the flying because once I got in the air I would not have a lot of obstacles around, but landing would be bad as I would touch down and just kind of crumple without my chair. The strength would not keep my muscles from spazzing out; it would just mean that when I accidentally kick my nephew in the face I would face a lot of dental bills.

Daredevil, my favorite superhero, had all his senses enhanced. I am not sure if enhanced balance would do much more than bring me up to clumsy. Plus, he can feel everything more, so when I fall, I'd hurt for weeks, not just days.

I am not sure what Wolverine's healing factor would do with a screwed up gene, but that might be useful. Unless it doesn't cure the FA because it sees that as just another mutation and it just does not ever let me die.

An Iron Man suit of armor would work, but who wants to live in an iron shell for all their life?

The magic of Dr. Strange or Zatanna might help, but Dr. Strange has never cured himself of injuries that ended his promising surgery career. I suspect you can't do magic on yourself.

While my eyes do work, so I don't see any reason I could not be Cyclops. It would not help me and it would be trouble to have lasers shooting out of my eyes.

Spider-Man's powers, now those would be beneficial.

If I had the ability to stick to walls, surely my feet could stick to floors when I try to get up, instead of sliding out from under me as they do now.

I would bounce back from injuries quickly.

I often wake up now and imagine shooting webs onto the wall in front of me to help sit up.

The webs would have also helped this afternoon when Claren pooped in a front yard that was just far enough out of reach that I thought I could grab it if I just undid my seatbelt and edged a little farther out ...

I was able to grab it no problem from my new seat on the curb. I did not even need spider sense to know that undoing the seatbelt was a really bad idea.


Anonymous said...

Plastic Man might be good or maybe Mr. Fantastic. I figure if anyone could figure out a cure for FA, he could. Or he could probably make a pretty crazy-cool wheelchair. Professor X does a pretty good job without walking. Nightcrawler has some potential for dealing with FA. One guy who I've been curious about is Dr. Manhattan. If he knows the future, couldn't that help people with FA (like to know you're going to fall before you do)? And don't give me any crap about how you know that kind of thing already. You know what his powers are like and I think they'd help. At least, I'd take them.

Tony said...

Sorry, that post up top about Dr. Manhattan should have had my name.

It was written by your bother (who also has FA) Tony.

Matt said...

I considered the stretchy guys, and reconsidered them at lunch after Claren pooped about 2 feet in the snow. But I figure FA would somehow affect the stretching, like you would not be able to retrieve your arm or it would shoot back and slap you in the face. Reed is smart, but he is not great at curing things as the Thing can attest.

Nightcrawler is an intriguing option and I would like to teleport. But even if the wheelchair came with me, like his clothes do, it would still be like flying: A "BAMF" and I and the chair are smashing into the ground.

Prof. X is great, but I want powers that aid me and reading minds doesn't present obvious help.

Dr. Manhattan: Not a hero in my book or should I say blog.

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