Monday, March 16, 2009

Matt and the economy

I am no longer immune to the economic crisis.

Sure, this is not really a surprise because I was furloughed for a week last month, but that was OK -- now things just suck.

I think it is official now: As I feared, the Geese Police are gone, and holy crap, do I miss them. Judging from the poop spread all over the area, it was like a goose Woodstock. Or maybe just the inside of a port-a-potty at a goose Woodstock. You could hardly move without hitting some. It is bad for wheelchair users but even people who walk have to play hop-skotch to walk down the sidewalk.

The other way the economic crisis is hammering me: The other people I work with are now on furlough. This week, my boss is off, meaning I am meeting boy. And that means I am moving around a lot.

You know how when you are little, you put cards or something in your bike wheels because it sounds cool? It is not so cool when you have to go to meetings and every step is a click because something is rubbing on your chair. I even looked but did not see anything. Mom found and removed a stick when I got home. Otherwise, I might have gone crazy.

And finally, I am doing my part to pull the economy out of the crapper (not the goose one). I am spending for a house and I recently bought a coat. It is warm and green and great. You won't see this coming so don't try to imagine where I am going.

While wearing the jacket, I was sitting back down in my chair after going to the bathroom, just about there, and the collar of the coat shifted up under my glasses and fiddled with my right eye. I flew out of my chair, staggered to my feet, and tipped over Claren, who tried to get away but just laid back down when she realized she was screwed.

At the last moment I grabbed my chair and managed not to squish my dog or even fall. So now I will continue spending and bring this economy around.

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