Monday, March 23, 2009

A mighty fine whine

I should have known it would not be a good day. The omen was right there staring at me as soon as I got to work. I unzipped my coat to use the bathroom, and a glove fell out and right into the toilet.

I should have known -- nothing good can come after fishing a glove out of a workplace toilet.

Sure enough, nothing good did come. A few hours later my company announced another weeklong furlough for its workers. Our last furlough program does not end till Saturday, so we weren't even able to embrace the illusion of full staffing.

It sucks, I am glad I still have a job, and don't get me wrong, it sucks for everyone: able-bodied workers and token wheelchair guy.

Of course, there is the added crap of Friedreich's ataxia, such as: having to stay late when your ride is waiting, having an allergic service dog who rolls on her back in the middle of the office instead of picking up the thing you wanted, coughing so hard you give yourself a headache.

I am not saying I have it worse. That would be bad bitter.

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