Saturday, March 7, 2009


I played hockey today, and basketball, soccer, football and lacrosse. I walked, too. I sort of regret it.

I am so dead and every part of my body aches, especially my legs, but I did want some exercise.

This morning, after a true breakfast of champions (doughnuts and tea), I went outside and down the ramp. I parked my chair, got up holding on to the railing, then pulled myself and sort of walked all the way up to the top of the ramp. I wished I had another chair up there, but there wasn't so I just sat on the ramp to get my breath. Then I walked down.

I was pretty tickled with myself, even if I owed my walking mostly to my arms and I held the railing so hard I still have black dirt and dust stuck in my skin. and I was pretty glad to sink into my chair again.

Then I played in some way just about every sport my nephew has equipment for. The only problem is that Claren feels left out and just lies there sadly chewing her ball.

She doesn't want to play with me as much as she just doesn't want me to play with anyone else. In her mind, I should just sit and watch her chew her ball.

It was fun, but there best be a gain for this pain.

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