Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't go there, but I did

I should not go on to the front porch in my wheelchair, even just for a bit to watch the Memorial Day parade.

I used to be able to go in and out easy enough, and this chair rumbled on out OK, but getting back in was miserable.

The lip of the door hit my footplate so I could not go froward. I had to go up backward, and my chair never gets traction going backward.

Dad wanted to lift the chair up over the lip, but I told him he couldn't because it was too heavy. That was about when everyone started watching. I knew how the guy with the stalled Kena race car felt.

Finally, I said loudly I was going to wait till everyone had left to go in, and I did wait for a little, but I decided it would be a bad idea because I might be stuck out on the porch forever
Finally, I tried again and my brother and uncle pulled the chair up the lip.

It's not the help I need, it's the attention from everyone wanting to help.

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