Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It was still "goddamned good"

As I was rocking out to the glorious strains of Bruce Springsteen in concert, a chorus of blog headlines was running through my mind. Here, then, is the first of several Springsteen posts:

I thought some of the energy from the Boston show was because he was in Boston, but it was a fun show in D.C., too. I just want to be half that energetic when I am 59.

And he played "Blinded by the Light." I couldn't believe he can still get the opening lines out of his mouth so fast: "Madman drummers bummers and Indians in the summer with a teenage diplomat ..."

I had some odd earplugs -- they kind of looked like little rubber plungers or maybe some kind of torture instruments. They also did not work that great -- my ears were ringing last night after the show. But the sound did not overwhelm me, I think the reason was the position of the seats my awesome brother and sister-in-law gave me. The seats were right above the stage so maybe we did not get the full force of the sound.

One of the most amazing things that only made me a tiny bit jealous was watching Nils Lofgren play via a fret cam, a little camera attached to the top of the guitar. His fingers are so fast.


Anonymous said...

I'm listening to Blinded by the Light right now!! I'm so jealous.

Anonymous said...

I am also jealous, and am of the opinion that, since all of your brothers and sisters have accompanied you to a Springsteen concert, that the obvious course is to start taking the nieces and nephews. : )


Matt Trott said...

It was way cool.

Nieces and nephews should probably not hold their breaths. I will explain in a later post.

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