Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Like a poor little bunny

I fell getting off the couch for dinner tonight, and I could just not get back in my chair or on to the couch.

You know those nature shows where a trapped animal just gets more and more flustered and exhausted, and you know that it is doomed, even though if it just relaxed and looked at things clearly, it could easily escape. But no, the eagle swoops in and with its great talons rips the poor bunny who was just stuck in some brush.

It was kind of like that, although relaxing doesn't help me get back in my chair and the talons are the arms of my 72-year-old father who did not admit helping me up hurt him.


Anonymous said...

i have thought of dad as many things. Never as an eagle with talons swooping down on a poor bunny. Thanks, now you have warped me for life.
ps I hope you both are OK

Anonymous said...

Our dear Daddy.
You make me see him in new ways.

Matt Trott said...

Dad as eagle is new, but not me as poor, little bunny?

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