Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meeting Springsteen

My niece turned 6 today. This makes her the perfect age and possibly my best chance to meet Bruce Springsteen.

My other neices are washed up, but at the show Monday Bruce sat down on the stage and pulled up on stage a little girl who had requested the song he was singing. He and she sat there singing "Out in the street." Very cute, very cool.

Bruce also walked around during "Waiting on a sunny day," offering kids a chance to sing.

I figure once we get the new house built, I pay nothing but Springsteen when my niece is there. She is bound to like something. Then I just need to get her to memorize the words, get a seat in the mosh pit (or whatever), take her to a show, get her request picked and voila.

With my luck her favorite song would be "The Angel" or something.


Anonymous said...

ummm "Old Dan Tucker??????"

Anonymous said...

The Angel would be better than Reno. I've been trying to decide what i would have Bruce play if he took my request and I can't decide between The Angel and Lost in the Flood.

Matt Trott said...

I would pick Reno over the Angel and have actually heard it in concert.

Anonymous said...

washed up?? thanks. thanks alot.

Anonymous said...

love callie.

Matt Trott said...

At least one other niece was less than pleased, too

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