Friday, May 22, 2009

My cursing needs to get its priorities straight

A friend sent me a link to a T-shirt recently, offering it if the blog needs an official shirt. It is a design featuring the ubiquitous wheelchair dude from parking signs only he had fallen out of his chair. He is lying facedown and the shirt just said "Crap!"

I like it, although it occurs to me that I don't curse when I fall -- too focused on how I can get up without calling for help.

This morning, for instance, I fell getting into the shower, and if ever a fall deserved cursing, it was this one.

My foot slipped off the rug and I fell. The problem is I had seen that the rug was out of place on my way into the bathroom, but I did not feel like doing anything about it. It is not something I can fix on my own because if I wheel close enough to pick up the rug, my wheels are on it and I can't move it. And I did not feel like calling for help. So I fell. I got up and showered all without a curse in my mind.

I saved the curses for when my socks and shorts fell on the ground when I grabbed them, the "goddamn bastards."


Emily said...

you could try mom's old standbys...


or when she was really mad....

Matt Trott said...

Maybe my eldest sister will help me?

Anonymous said...

i could, but i am afraid i'd corrupt you. check with my kids though. they have no compunction(sp?) about swearing infront of me. I really don't get it.

Matt Trott said...

Your daughter's swearing came up this evening. I think you were there when I told her how one of her Richmond cousins told at the FC dinner table in front of our mom a story that involved the word "deusche bag," which I think I spelled wrong. I was saying that while your daughter has a mouth on her, she would be too embarrassed to say that in front of her grandmother.

Anonymous said...

thanks for defending my daughter's honor, i think

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