Sunday, May 17, 2009

My nephew boldly goes ...

Two things stand out this weekend: Seeing Star Trek and having a pee party with my nephew.

Star Trek was awesome. The actors did a good job of recalling the actors who came before and adding things to the characters. I also liked seeing Admiral Pike and was relieved he just had a regular wheelchair, not the enclosed box like he did in TOS (the original series).

I try not to see movies with too much talking, and Star Trek did not let me down in that regard. Still, I missed a lot of conversations because my hearing is so poor. I wonder what it would be like to see a movie and hear it all the first time.

Hearing also played a role in the pee party.

Dad and I were keeping an eye on my nephew, 3, for a few hours, which means I keep him amused, Dad does anything else.

My nephew and I were going outside but I needed to use the bathroom first. He held the door for me and said something that I assumed was "I'll shut the door behind you."

It wasn't, though. He followed me in and was peering around the bathroom. I told him that he should be excused so he left and I stood up in front of the toilet as I always do -- using my arms and the grab bars to pull me up.

"That's a good way to stand up, Uncle Matt," said a voice at my waist belonging to a nephew who apparently did not leave. Once again I told him to leave, this time because if I started laughing while standing up I might die and would certainly need a shower to clean the pee off.

He seemed to leave yet again but as soon as I stopped he was back, chattering about something. I sat down, and heard the words "my turn," so I tried really hard not to laugh as he pulled his pants down and took care of business. He finished but instead of flushing pulled the toilet seat down and informed me that he had to poop. I told him OK, although I still had to wash my hands and couldn't he have waited?

Apparently not. He told me that "he listens to his body." I left at that. I was doing a poor job of not laughing anyway.


Anonymous said...

I will have a chat with him. I am glad that he did not cause and disasters. You do know how much he loves to hang out with you right??

Anonymous said...

that is an excellent story and i am so glad you did not fall down!
where was dad?

Anonymous said...

This is going to be the best sit-com since Bosom Buddies.

Anonymous said...

Should we try and be the new Jon and Kate plus 8 on TLC?

Matt Trott said...

I would like to be humble and say if we were on TLC, we'd be no better than losers Jon and Kate, but who am I kidding? We would so rock. We better get replacement doors in the new house because Joed and I are going to blow the effing doors off nightly.

Well, as long as I never need to behave like a grownup with him.

I forget where Dad was but he would have kept me joed free, which would have been nice but less fun.

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