Saturday, June 20, 2009

I hate my wheelchair

I got two new wheelchair batteries today, and I learned several important facts: most significantly, that my wheelchair is a piece of crap.

Granted, I knew this already and it seems pretty evident given the repairs I have needed in a little over a year. But it is nice to hear someone else say it.

Also granted: The wheelchair guy did not say the chair was crap.

I told him that the chair tends to go two days with the battery gauge reading 100% and then on the third day it falls -- rapidly. He said the gauge is just a broad estimate, which for me was as good as if he had said it was something he would not give his worst enemy.

Can you imagine automakers selling a car with a gas gauge that is only sort of accurate?


I also learned that this POS chair is run by 22 auto batteries that you can by an any auto store, and you put them in just like a car battery. You do need to unplug the chair from the batteries before you do remove them or else they spark. I saw this first hand.

Now, i am off to bed and will plug in my chair, which the wheelchair guy said to do nightly to prevent any problems. Unless, of course, the batteries mischarge or I go for a long walk.

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