Thursday, June 11, 2009

Never has fatty mass sounded so good

We finally went to the vet today, and Claren's lump was just a common fatty mass. As long as it does not grow, we can just leave it.

Of course, in her effort to be the diva of service dogs, Claren made her neck get all infected and nasty by scratching. I had asked the vet to check it out because it was red when we bathed her last weekend.

Now the bottom of her neck has been shaved and we have to clean and medicate it twice a day, which means Mom and Dad do. And she can't wear a collar for a while the neck is healing.

Claren acts like it is hell to go to the vet, but they all love her and give her treats. She now does an "up" on the counter, which means she puts her front paws up on it. she is supposed to do this after I give her my credit card, but today she did it early and repeatedly just looking for treats.

From the vet, we went to the Mac repair store. The guy there turned my iBook on and it seemed to work fine. I figured that would not last, and it didn't, but I was able to get most of the info off my hard drive.

I was able to make the data transfer even though my youngest nephew joined the list of nephews and nieces who have scared me almost to death.

My back was to the door and he ran in yelling about something. As I have been many times, I was glad I have a seat belt. Dying at his hands would have been a bad ending to the day.

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