Monday, August 31, 2009

No doors!

In Matt's perfect world, every door would be like the ones in the Get Smart opening scene.

Actually, in Matt's perfect world, he wouldn't have Friedreich's ataxia, so then he would not be bitter and this blog wouldn't exist.

But back to doors: I hate 'em.

The bathroom door: I often can't get in before it closes and it often gets caught in the wheels of my chair.

The outside door: You have to push from the top to open it, but sitting people can't reach that high often.

The porch door has a nasty threshold and I can never seem to unlock it properly.

Automatic doors close on me or Claren. Doors on some stalls are almost impossible to close (but that might be because I broke the auto closing mechanism. Maybe).

Other doors are rotten, too. And doorways. Elevator doors.

But imagine CONTROL's maintenance bill. Maybe I should just live outside, but I hate camping.


Anonymous said...

my perfect world would have blacktop for every single sidewalk. Might not be aesthetically pleasing, but certainly much smoother than bricks and sidewalks that shift because of tree roots and other heaving.

Matt Trott said...

Preaching to the choir.

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