Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fear! Fire! Foes! FA!

I am testing out new ways to get assistance after a near-incident last night.

I like loudly saying "Awake! Fear! Fire! Foes! Awake!" the Horn-call of Buckland from The Return of the King. But part of me thinks that might attract too much attention. Kind of like why his parents tell my 4-year-old nephew that when he is outside he cannot sing "Somebody call 911 shawty fire burning on the dance floor."

But I need something.

Last night I was brushing Claren the wonder dog while sitting on the couch. Mom was at the computer across the room.

I leaned too far forward but instead of falling on to the ground I fell into my wheelchair. My left arm was pinned against the chair by the rest of my body, and my head was grinding into one of the metal pieces on the chair.

My right arm was flailing about aimlessly in the air. I swear if it had had legs, I think it would have been running back and forth waving a tissue.

I was not in drastic trouble. If Mom had not been in the room, I would have moved my head and slid down the chair, probably just scraping myself up.

But Mom was there, so I said "Can you come here?" thinking she would look and come immediately to help. Maybe I said to too softly, but long story short: She didn't come over.

In increasing loud tones, I added "HELP." "RIGHT NOW." I wasn't yelling but was loud enough to worried I might wake Dad who had just gone to bed.

She came over quickly then, and pulled me back up using my stupid girly arm. And I felt guilty for demanding help.


Anonymous said...

you feel guilty? At least you have the old FA to use as an excuse.


Anonymous said...

I think that an actual horn call would be cool. Maybe one you could put on your cell phone or iPod and then play as needed.

Here are some possiblities


Matt Trott said...

I do blame FA always. And could I get one of those horns that is like 20 feet long?

Anonymous said...

i am so intrigued by the notion of your arm havinh legs and running about waving a hankie that I think I missed the point of this post. But yelling help dos tend to draw attention. Perhaps a tambourine? it's a little more joyous than horn.

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